A wide variety of research involving field crops is conducted at the Sand Plain Research Farm. Recent examples involving members of the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics include:

  • Develop Intermediate Wheatgrass cultivars for sustainable Co-production of Fuel and Food
  • Study the effects of nitrogen application timing on corn production and soil quality
  • Evaluate intensive management of a continuous corn system on irrigated sandy soils
  • Evaluate the use of winter hardy hairy vetch varieties for use as a winter cover crop
  • Examine the effects of drought on soybean yield, protein, and oil
  • Evaluating public and private soybean varieties and breeding selections in irrigated and dryland environments
  • Evaluate different varieties of rhizobia on edible beans grown on irrigated sands
  • Evaluating different varieties of edible beans on irrigated sandy soil
  • Determining nitrogen fixation and rotation effects of different edible bean varieties
  • Determining the most cost effective rate of potassium on newer varieties of alfalfa
  • Evaluating different biomass mixtures that produce the most biomass in a dryland environment
  • Screening root phonotypes of lines derived from a fast neutron soybean mutant population
  • Determine the most cost effective cutting management on newer varieties of alfalfa
  • Determine the N fertilization requirements of mature and bearing hybrid hazelnuts