Current Researchers

Agronomy & Plant Genetics

Jeffrey Coulter Corn-based cropping systems

Nancy Ehlke Turf grasses and native legumes 

Aaron Lorenz  Soybean breeding and genetics

Seth Naeve Soybean management

Craig Sheaffer Alfalfa and forage management, sustainable cropping systems

M. Scott Wells  Forage and cropping systems

Don Wyse Management of invasive weeds, diversification of cropping systems, winter annual and perennial crops


Ian MacRae Site-specific Integrated Pest Management, landscape ecology

Horticultural Science

Jim Luby Fruit breeding

Tom Michaels Plant breeding and genetics

Eric Watkins Turfgrass

Plant Pathology

Linda Kinkel Epidemiology and ecology of plant diseases

Dean Malvick Biology and management of field crop diseases

Soil, Water, and Climate

Dan Kaiser Nutrient management and precision technology

Carl Rosen Irrigated crops, water quality, and nutrient mangement

Jeff Vetsch Nutrient management, water quality, corn and soybeans

U of MN / NDSU

Andrew Robinson Potato production