Soil, Water and Climate

Recent research conducted at the Department of Soil, Water and Climate includes:

  • Study the effects of different timing and sources of N on field corn
  • Evaluate the capacity of various crop canopy sensing technologies to predict corn nitrogen needs
  • Examining the effects of phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur applied in combination on the yield of corn and soybeans grown in rotation
  • Determine how nitrogen and potassium interact in the growth and development of corn
  • Evaluating PolyHalite on potato yield and quality
  • Optimizing potassium management for irrigated russet and Norland potato production
  • Evaluating Crystal Green as a nitrogen and phosphorus source for potato production
  • Evaluating coated and stabilized nitrogen sources for potato production
  • Evaluate processing potato varieties along with Nitrogen rates for resistance to acrylamide formation
  • Evaluate long-term phosphorus management effects on corn and soybean yields
  • Evaluating and producing a quantitative assessment of the net energy balance of candidate systems and optimizing perennial feedstock production and ecosystem services on marginally productive cropland using native prairie plantings
  • Evaluate different rhizobia inoculates on edible beans