Soil, Water and Climate

Potato beetle researchRecent research involving members of the Department of Soil, Water and Climate includes:

  • Examine the soil biology of poor plant emergence in potatoes.
  • Evaluation of redline fertilizer in potato production.
  • Evaluate nitrogen + irrigation interactions and effects on potatoes.
  • Evaluate multiple nitrogen sources, timings, and rates effects on potatoes.
  • Nitrogen response and soil microbial activity in potato cropping systems as affected by fumigation.
  • Optimizing soil management to enhance potato crop yields and soil health in fumigated and non-fumigated soils.
  • Evaluate a polyculture interseeding ecosystem services with an economic benefit to growers.
  • Growing polycultures for multiple high-value outputs: natural products, seed and biomass.
  • Determine agronomic methods for silphium oilseed crops.

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