Land & Facilities

Aerial view of research plots at the SPRF

The SPRF’s land is used for research as well as rotational crop production per research demands, which in turn, helps support the center’s operations. The land is leased from and in cooperation with Xcel Energy. In 2019, the SPRF moved to its new location where research infrastructure and buildings are still being developed.

The current SPRF research site includes 345 acres of cropland. Of that, 290 acres are irrigated. Our landbase is outfitted with 8 irrigation systems (3 laterals and 5 center pivots). All three of our lateral irrigation systems and one of our center pivot systems are equipped with VRI (variable rate irrigation) technology. This VRI technology allows us to apply varying rates of irrigation water based on individual management zones within fields. Learn more about site and see our irrigation system locations.